My previous web developer was great. He designed my website exactly how I wanted, but afterward it really hard getting in contact with him for updates and changes. iDigital Solutions stepped right in and fixed broken links on my site and offered content management at an amazing rate. I was very impressed with how fast they responded to requests. If you’re looking for a group of people who can solve your digital marketing problems with quality and quickly iDigital Solutions is the place for you!

Erin Chris Owner @ Erin Chris Photography

We’ve been in business for a long time and iDigital Solutions truly stands out as the best digital marketing firm we have ever worked with. Their customer service is spectacular, their work is quality, and their response time is impeccable.

CEO @ Abundant Provisions Consulting

It seems like iDigital Solutions was the answer to my prayers. Not only were they able to design an amazing logo for the Sounds of the DMV Mass Choir, but they were also able to develop and website for the choir that exceeds expectations.

Maurice Hunt Director @ Sounds of the DMV Mass Choir

We had an amazing vision that I had no idea how it could even be executed. We sat down with the developers at iDigital and they created an e-learning site that exceeded the vision completely. Not only was the team professional, but they also worked fast.

University President @ Abundant Provisions University

So we wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs could collaborate, innovate, and connect. But, we did not know exactly how to execute our idea. iDigital Solutions took our business social network idea and made it a reality. It is the best tool we’ve implemented into our marketing strategy thus far. All of the team members at iDigital Solutions are extremely innovative and they are going to provide you with top-notch technologies to solve your problems.

Owner @ Abundant Circle Members